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Welcome to Essoria, Scotland's premier destination for professional drone services. At Essoria, we harness the power of cutting-edge drone technology to elevate your projects. From stunning aerial photography and videography to precise inspections, our skilled team brings innovation to the skies. Explore Scotland from a new perspective and experience the heights of efficiency, safety, and quality with Essoria. Your vision takes flight with us.

What Clients Say

"The service has been exceptional and we would highly recomend Essoria to any business looking for a similar drone survey." James - AJT Engineering


As well as operating drones, we are experienced airline pilots.

We bring over 30 years and 14,000 hours of aviation experience. This means we bring the discipline, professionalism and safety standards from a well-established industry into our drone operations.

Maybe we've taken you on holiday! 

Image by Nick Pryde
Glen Coe


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Essoria Logo
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